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Her Eyes

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"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" I ask. He does his usual thing, hesitating before answering me. "Hmm, I don't know, what do you have in mind?" he asks in his non committal voice. "Let's go for a swim - see you around 8pm" I say. I like to play the role of choosing when we get together, and I know he likes it when I initiate things.

He is a little younger than I am; a former athlete who is still in great shape. He can certainly handle my appetite for sex. Nothing makes the stresses of the week melt away like a good hard pounding after a glass or two of wine. He is a little taller than I am, and loves to play rough. I can feel the sting of his hand already, and I shudder just a little in anticipation. His shaved head and goatee seem to fit his bad-boy demeanor perfectly. I'm sure no one at work would ever guess that I have my own beckon call boy, but it's really how I want it. I like my space, my time, but once in a while I need to feel the weight of a man on top of me.

I hear his car pull up out front and I reach into the garage and push the button to raise the door for him to pull in. I prefer to not have the neighbors know I get company once in a while. I chug the last half glass of wine I poured for myself, and meet him at the door in my latest acquisition from Victoria"s Secret; a lovely sheer teddy that left nothing to the imagination yet somehow still manages to look a touch classy. God I am looking forward to this. I take one look and want him right there in the kitchen; but part of me wants to make it last. That voice speaks a little louder, and I settle for a long, deep kiss against the door. I let him know I am hungry for it, kissing him hard before pulling away and walking towards the back door. I drop the teddy to the floor as if leaving him a trail for him to follow. I walk into the backyard, surprised at just how bright the moon is tonight. The warm air hits my naked body and I can feel my nipples surge forward. I walk over to the diving board, take one big hop and dive into the water. It is the perfect temperature, warm on my skin and yet still invigorating.

I am already tired of waiting, and he is taking longer than I want. I swim over to his side of the pool, and express my distaste for taking his sweet time by sending the biggest splash I can muster in his direction. He has his sandals off, but I want him naked. He starts to protest, so I do it again. "Alright, alright - I'm coming!" he exclaims. He tears off his shirt and tosses it aside, and then come the shorts. He is already getting hard, and his body looks amazing in the moonlight. He starts for the stairs and I swim his direction, meeting him on the steps. I take him in my mouth right away. "This is why you are here, and I am done playing around," I think to myself. While I still can, I jam it all the way into my throat. Soon he will be too hard for that, so while I have the chance I smash my nose against his hard stomach. He is getting harder by the second, and I am already struggling to take it all in. I put my hand around the base and slowly began to jerk it while I run my tongue all over him...

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His Eyes

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"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" the voice on the other end of the line asked. "Hmm, I don't know, what do you have in mind?" I ask playfully. "Let's go for a swim - see you around 8pm." I am smiling before I hang up the phone. I know what"s in store for me, and I am looking forward to it already.

Leslie is a little older than I am, and has an appetite for sex that is very similar to mine. An executive by day, she has always contended that nothing relieves the stresses of the week like a couple of deep, hard orgasms. A little shorter than I, she likes getting handled a tad on the rough side almost as much as I like tossing her around. You"d never know by looking at her in her conservative business suit and short, smart hairstyle that she is such an adventurous lover. Divorced for years now, she has her own place, her own money, and wants me for the one thing she really needs from a man.

Later that day I am debating whether or not the wear a pair of shorts that I could swim in, and have to laugh thinking that I am pretty sure I would not really need them. I head for the car and as soon as I walk outside I realize that it was a perfect night out; a warm summer night with no breeze and a nearly full moon rising up over the mountains in our end of town. The pool is sure to be a slightly warmer from the mid day heat; a perfect all around scenario for a little fun in the backyard.

I arrive at her place, and the garage door goes up as soon as I hit the driveway. I pull into the garage and turn off the car. She kicks the door open; standing in the kitchen in a sheer nightgown and nothing else. Immediately she comes forward, her mouth hungry for mine as I enter the house. It is quite obvious that I was correct in thinking that I would not need the swimsuit. After a few minutes of warm, deep kisses she pulls away. The nightgown hit the floor as she pulls open the Arcadia-style door to the patio. She turns off the outside lights, allowing the bright moon to illuminate the backyard. It is quite a cool scene walking into the back yard and watching her dive into the pool, her naked body fully visible in the moonlight. She is in great shape for her age, or any age for that matter. She begins each day with a yoga session, and the hard work shows in her slim lines and shapely curves.

I walk over to the pool and kick off my sandals. A huge splash of water comes from the pool; apparently I am taking too long to get undressed. I turn to protest, only to get hit by another wave. "Alright, alright - I'm coming!" I tore off my shirt and toss it aside, followed by the shorts. I am excited already; my cock is half hard as I step into the pool.

She meets me on the stairs, swimming up to me and taking me in her mouth in one quick motion. She loves to get it before it's totally hard, when she can still get all of it into her mouth. She sucks it in, devouring all of me while she has the chance to. I am growing harder by the second, and before long I'm at full length. She tries diligently, but soon is unable to take all of it into her mouth. She settles for clamping her hand around the base, jerking the bottom half while she works over the top half with her mouth. I lean my head back, looking at the stars as she settles in for a good long session of one of her favorite parts of our time together. I can"t help but look around, wondering if her neighbors had any idea of what is happening just on the other side of the wall...

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