The Swinger Party Story

The now infamous Swinger Party story. As crazy as this story will sound by the end, it did actually happen, true to the letter, all the way through

I was surfing the internet one night and stumbled across an ad for an “Upscale Swinger Party” to be held at Myst in Scottsdale, one of the high end nightclubs in Oldtown Scottsdale. If you’ve ever spent time in this part of the Metro Phoenix area, you know that the crowd is way better than average looking. I thought that this crowd might be interested in my book, so I contacted the party host to see if something could be arranged.

I heard back from the organizer, we’ll call him Jay throughout this story, and he was excited at the idea of having me at his party. It was his wife’s birthday that weekend, and I’ll refer to her as Jeane. For the price of one free copy of my book I could come set up a table and sell books at this party. I agreed, especially when he offered to make announcements about the book and that I was selling them at the party.

Now at this point I would like to clarify that I have never been to a swinger party or anything like it for that matter. I have been with more than a few women, but never anything like what I have heard goes on in the swinger lifestyle. So I figured my first foray into this world would be safest in a public bar instead of someone’s house where it would be more of an “anything goes” atmosphere. I am far from a prude, but there are things that you just can’t unsee.

I arrived at the club as arranged at 9:00pm on a Friday night in the fall of 2009. It was still fairly warm out, and the crowd in Scottsdale was dressed accordingly. The party was being held in a private room as part of the nightclub, and I walked into an empty bar area. It was dimly lit, and I looked around for someone who I thought fit Jay’s description. He walked over to me and introduced himself and his wife and seemed very pleasant. They offered to buy me a drink, but I declined since I don’t really drink any more. I set up shop at a table right around the corner form the door and hoped that some people actually show up. About a half an hour later the doors officially opened and the people slowly started to trickle in.

I sat by myself until about 10:00pm until Jay made the first announcement that I was there. A few people came over and talked with me, and a few of them actually bought a book or two. After about 15 minutes of this, the novelty of me seemed to wear off and I sat alone again for quite some time. I did strike up a conversation with one or two people, and was very curious to see how they got into “the lifestyle” as they party-goers refer to it. I was a little hesitant to ask, and because of this never really did get around to asking anyone. I had to laugh at my own paranoia as I insisted that the waitress bring me a bottle of water that was unopened, and I put the lid back on it every time I drank out of it. I guess I was a little too worried about someone trying to roofy me during this little excursion.

After about another hour of this I was really growing bored. It was obvious that I was not the big hit I was hoping I was going to be. I was also the only guy who was by himself at this event; the rule clearly stated that no single men allowed, couples and single women only. So not only did I feel out of place for being a rookie in this world, I was the only single guy in the private room as well. Just as I was getting ready to leave a woman walks into the bar by herself. She has her back to me at first, not realizing that I was sitting at the table behind her. Once she notices me, she smiles and introduces herself. She asks if I am alone and we begin to talk. She sits next to me on the black crushed velvet chair. Her black crushed velvet dress blends in so much you can barely see her sitting there in the dark. She orders a beer and walk get cozy with one another. She tells me that she is newly divorced and was looking for a new and exciting adventure since it had been so long since she had even been out. It did occur to me that this seemed like an awfully big leap, but I am the trusting type so I did not really question it. She is really friendly and pretty aggressive right from the start, and am getting the feeling that this evening may work out better that I was thinking about an hour ago. After about 20 minutes and two beers for her, she is sitting on my lap and kissing me heavily.

I am digging this girl, and I will admit that part of it is that she is just really digging me. I’ll call her Anna for the purpose of protecting her identity for the rest of this story. I look around and despite the fact that the party is in full swing, everyone is still fairly well under control. I can’t see into the booths around the corner, but everyone on the dance floor is fully clothed at this point. Anna and I are getting really chummy at this point, enough for me to know that she has decided to leave the underwear behind tonight. So picture this: we are sitting in a bar in Scottsdale, smack dab in the middle of a full fledged swinger party. Everyone is partying and having a good time, but staying within the parameters of decency and good taste. And the two “rookies” are sitting in the corner making out like high schoolers, and I am burying two fingers into the girl I just met about 20 minutes ago.

Jay comes over to check in with me, and finds Anna sitting on my lap. He introduces himself to her, and seems a little put off that she is with me. By the way, he caught me off guard when he walked up so instead of panicking and making a scene by removing my hand from inside her dress, I just held still. My fingers were inside her the whole time he stood there talking to us. We shared a good laugh about it when he walked away. Did I mention I was stone cold sober during this whole thing? Very odd, to say the least. I suggest we go back to my place and she agrees. We walk outside and she is obviously not able to drive. We walk to her car and she gathers a few things, then we head to my vehicle.

I have a few rules I live by, and I am about to break a couple of them as this night progresses. First and foremost, I am not a one night stand kinda guy. I do not go to bars and pick up drunk girls so I can get laid. I rarely have done this throughout my life, but I have not done it for a long time. Secondly, I did think at this point that I would bring her back to her car tonight, but you will see that doesn’t happen. And third, I am very upfront about the fact that I am not a relationship guy and I do my best to never mislead someone into thinking that I am. We did not really have this discussion, but you would think that someone who, shall we say…making it this easy wouldn’t have an illusions of this heading somewhere other than straight to the bedroom. Besides, she just got out of a marriage, is she really looking to hop right back into something? Yes, at times, I can be a little naïve.
So we get to my place and as soon as we walk through the door the clothes are flying. My room mate Jenn is home (a whole ‘nuther story, and at times quite entertaining) and so I pull her towards the bedroom right away. I glance at the clock; it is 2:15am. We get down to business right away; her dress is on the floor and my cock is in her mouth as soon as the bedroom door shuts behind us. She is ready, and it seems its been a while based on her level of enthusiasm. We get into bed and fuck like crazy. I mean like crazy; she is yelling and screaming my name and I am smashing this girl into the mattress for all I am worth. I hear Jenn come out to the kitchen at one point and start laughing soon after. She can hear me pounding this girl, and her moaning and screaming all the while. We keep going for about forty five minutes and I finally give in and finish.

Literally 10 minutes later we are back at it. She is insatiable, and I am really having fun with her. We fuck for another thirty minutes before I finish again. She has probably come about a dozen times in the last session alone. Now I am tired; it is 3:45am and I am ready to crash out. I look over at her and she is nearly passed out. I mumble something about taking her to her car, but within minutes I am asleep. I do not sleep well with anyone laying next to me, for several reason, one of which are I never sleep next to anyone anymore. I wake in the morning and she is still asleep. I go brush my teeth and chug some water before I climb back into bed. She snuggles up against me and before long I am ready for more. She brushes her hand over me and finds that I am up for the task once again.

Anna climbs on top of me once again, planting her hands on my chest and riding me like last night never happened. It is great once again, despite the fact that my pubic bone is sore from banging into her bony body just a few hours ago. I grab her hips and make her grind against me vigorously and she comes again and again before climbing off me and falling asleep once again. I doze off as well and wake about 9:30am. I make breakfast for the two of us and then we head back to the club where her car is. I put my number in her phone and I kissed her goodbye pretty much assuming that I would not see her again. She drove off and I went back home and slept a fair amount of the day away.

Fast forward to late afternoon Sunday, I hear my phone ring and run to grab it. I don’t recognize the number but answer it anyway. It is Anna, and she seems to be whispering. “Look, I know we just met but I need help and I don’t know who else to turn to. I am at the hospital.” I am instantly mortified, thinking I did something to hurt her while we were having sex the other night. She explains further “It’s a long story, but I need help. Please come to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital, I am in the ER, room 112.” I didn’t really hesitate; I got in the car and drove to the hospital. I walked around the corner in the ER and found room 112. I wlak into the room and see her, and she starts crying as soon as our eyes meet. She looks terrible; her face is white and she looks totally drained of color. I see a white robe laying over a chair in the room, and it is covered in blood. “What the hell happened Anna?” I ask.

She begins to explain a few details that she left out the night we met, and also what happened the day after. It was something like this: “I originally met Jay and Jeane in an online chat room. I have always wanted to explore the fantasy of being with another woman. They invited me to the party they were hosting, and I agreed. I met you there, and sort of changed my mind about being with them. We had fun, and I don’t regret that a bit. I went home and they called me around noon to see what I was doing and if I wanted to come hang out with them at the W Hotel. I declined at first, but they talked me into it. I took a shower and hopped in the car, heading back to Scottsdale. I met them at the front desk, and we headed for the pool.

We hung out there by the pool for a long time, drinking and partying with a bunch of people off and on. Finally we went back to the room. I made it clear that I only wanted to be with Jeane, and they said that was fine. Jay and another guy were hanging out in the room, and they made Jeane and I one more drink before they left us alone. I went to get the drinks off the bar and brought them over to the bed. I handed one to her, and I drank about half of the other one. Jeane drank hers quickly, and we started to kiss and touch one another. It was getting hot and heavy after a few minutes, but she was starting to act weird. She became groggy and almost incoherent at times, but kept going with me. She went down on me and I loved it. It was different,and very good. I wanted to do it to her to, and so we switched places. She seemed really drunk or something and just laid there as I kissed my way down her stomach and into her thighs.

Suddenly he door burst open and Jay and his friend ran into the room. Jay was getting undressed quickly and was in bed with us before I knew it. His friend had a video camera and was taping everything. Jay started to fuck me from behind, and I yelled for him to stop. Jeane just lay there, seemingly in a daze, uninterested in what was happening. Jay was really big and he, he held me down and fucked me. I hurt me inside, and I started bleeding. He tore me up, and when he pulled out I was really bleeding a lot. He grabbed me and carried me to the shower, trying to clean me up. I started crying and was yelling at him. He grabbed the big terrycloth robe and wrapped me up in it. He carried me out of the room and to the elevator. We went to the lobby, and as soon as the doors opened he started yelling towards the desk to call 911. The desk clerk did, but apparently called the police as well.

The paramedics showed up and grabbed me, rushing me to the hospital. They had to stitch me up to stop the bleeding. I lost a lot of blood, and they won’t let me leave if I have to drive myself. I think I am ok to drive, but they won’t let me leave by myself. Will you stay with me until I am released, and then follow me home? I can’t call my family or my ex, and I don’t know what else to do, please help me.” I could not believe the story I just heard. I felt so badly for her, I just couldn’t say no. I agreed to help. About an hour later the nurse came by and discharged her, under the condition that she did not drive and would not be alone tonight. She had left her clothes behind at the hotel and so had nothing to wear. I had to think what to do about getting her car all the way to the west side of town on a Sunday night. I called Jenn to see if she was home. I gave her a brief overview of what was going on, and she couldn’t believe I was agreeing to help this person I barely knew. I went to the house and grab a pair of sweat pants and a t shirt I wouldn’t miss and Jenn and I went to the hospital. We got Anna and went to find her car.

Jen climbs into Anna’s car and we start the trek across town. Five minutes into the trip my cell phone rings, its Jen. “She’s out of gas” is all she says. We pull over into the next gas station; Anna is asleep in the seat next to me. I grab her purse and dig through it to find her debit card. Her pin number is written on the back of it, so I put ten bucks worth of gas into her car and off we go. We pull into her driveway about 30 minutes later, and despite the fact that her friend was supposed to be there waiting for her, no one is there. I help her out of the car, and walk her into the house. I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and sit it next to her on the table. She curls up on the couch, and starts to sob again. I sit next to her, stroking her hair for a moment. I feel awful about this, but it is getting late and Jen is waiting in the car. I tell her I have to leave, and she reluctantly agrees. She thanks me in her weak voice, and I walk away hoping she will be ok. I get in the car and Jen is glaring at me for dragging her into this mess.

The next day I call to check on her and get her voicemail. No word all that day, so I call the next. She answers and tells me she is still struggling and has not been back to work yet. I have to get off the phone quickly so I excuse myself and hope that I didn’t offend her but I also wanted to make sure she was ok so I could put this mess behind me.

Two days later my phone rings and it Anna. She is sounding better and offers to make me dinner to say thank you for helping her. “I don’t think it is a good idea” I tell her. She claims to understand, and quickly hangs up after that. I figure that is the end of things. Instead, my phone rings the next day, and the next. I finally answer and Anna is crying again. “I just got fired from my job!” she cries into the phone. My heart drops; I just can’t believe the problems this girl is having. I wish I could help, but I just can’t. I tell her so, and she gets mad. She apologizes and wants to see me. “Is there any way we can see each other again?” she asks, sniffling. I tell her “No, I am sorry. We just met, we’ve had fun, I helped you through a bad situation, but it has to end there. I’m sorry.” I hang up the phone.

The story ends here; I had to cut the ties to this person. I felt so badly for her, but I could not take on her problems as my own. Despite how quickly we hit it off, I went into the night thinking this would be a one-time thing. I feel like I did the right thing, and I hope she is ok. She never has called me since. Do you think Tucker Max would have helped her?


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